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Bumi Inti Rekayasa (BIRA) is a company that was established in 2011 and have managed to solve the many-tender in the field of mining. Bira will be a partner that will help improve your business.

Our Staff

  • Belly Rubiyanto

  • Hendrawan Agni

  • Dzikril

  • Our Services

    1. Mining Geology & Resource Estimation
      1. Geological Modeling
      2. Resource Classification
      3. Grade Trend Analysis & Block Modeling
    2. Mining Engineering
      1. Open Pit Mining
    3. Geotechnical Engineering
      1. Mining Geotechnical Investigation & Rock Mass Characterization
      2. Pit and Dump Slope Stability, Slope Design Optimization
      3. Mining Geotechnical Operational Review and Monitoring
    4. Water Management
      1. Hydrological Services
      2. Hydrogeological Services
      3. Acid Mine Drainage Analysis
  • Experience

    BIRA has experience in computerised geological modelling and domaining for coal and nickel laterite deposit type. BIRA understand the importance of geological controls during modeling, and the significance it has in subsequent statistical and geostatistical studies and robust tonnage and quality/grade estimation.
    BIRA has the capability to produce computerised geological models in commonly software package to suit the needs of the client.

  • News

    Assisting Mine Owner, Investor, or Lender to asses the coal & mineral resources potential within mining concession by develop a proper and efficient Exploration Management Program and establish a reliable exploration & geological database that follow both JORC and KCMI standard. We use proven mining software to develop geological model and could be easily applied on mining engineering. Our services comprise;